The boyband staple

The latest in a long line of 90s comebacks – think belly-baring crop tops, chokers and Calvin Klein undies – hair highlights for men are in the midst of a revival.

Once considered a boyband staple, ‘frosted tips’, more commonly known as ‘guylights,’ were the look du jour for some of the most eligible men of the moment – we’re looking at you, Justin Timberlake – but recently, they’ve been cropping up all over the place.

And, what’s even more surprising is that we don’t particularly hate it

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Similar to highlights, this style is achieved by bleaching just the ends of hair strands, leaving the impression that one’s hair has been ‘frosted.’

Most recently, the look has been adopted by the likes of Chris Evans on the cover of L’Uomo Vogue, John Mayer, Niall Horan and YouTube sensation Alfie Deyes.

But just because it looks good on them doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll suit you.

Instead of looking directly to 90s heartthrobs for inspiration, stylists believe that the highlight resurgence is a reaction to more severe hair trends that have dominated for the past few years such as grey, platinum and structured barbershop locks.“For a while, everything was bold and demanded attention,” Tyson Kennedy, co-owner of Cutler Salon in NYC told GQ.

“We had slicked-back undercuts with shiny pomades and tight fades, lots of really strong looks.”

As a result, this new trend allows guys to emphasise their strands without going too OTT.

Still not convinced? Well you’re not alone because ‘frosted tips’ appear to have completely divided the internet.

While some say that they would definitely give it a go, others beg for them to be left where the belong.

“Saw a young boy with frosted tips today and y’all for about .2 seconds I thought about getting frosted tips,” one person tweeted.

While another added, “Why are frosted tips coming back, keep that s*** in 2001.”